About us

Maison de Vacances is a small shop in the old town of Savona, Liguria. Marco Piatti and Emi Ellena, husband and wife, opened the first store more than twenty-five years ago and since then others have followed it in various holiday places, while always keeping the first store open. The love for beauty not taken for granted, for the raw combined with the refined, for the new one paired with the old, for the furniture, the object, the dress or the bag to be discovered, unites them in the choices and in the constant search for the 'piece' to propose to customers. The shop is flanked by Emi's interior design studio, the entire professional life of which, has been focused on the world of home. Passion this, as well as profession, that led and lead her to follow various construction sites in Italy and France. This happy mix of projects and beautiful proposals is the secret to the success of Maison de Vacances.


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